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Welcome To Najrana Colours

Colors play a major role in creating a unique design which is soothing and worth appreciation. Everything around us is colored yet just a few uses of specific color combinations are soothing to the eye. It has been scientifically proved that colors can dictate thinking, actions and also influence reactions. Najrana are not just here to color your dream spaces with the color that you like but to create a beautiful art with your living space that is soothing to the eye. We have been in this business for quite some time and we have always improved our color concept, each day. Though our priority remains to color your spaces with the color you prefer but we also improvise the other colors that should look good with the color of your choice.

We provide every kind of coloring services for your house or your commercial space. We have been part of numerous projects where we have transformed dull walls into a piece of art through our experts in color management. We offer a variety of color and shades that are trending globally. We love to innovate and not just follow the norms that have been used for many years. Our projects are a wonderful piece of art that is sure to please anyone that sees them.

We are your solution to home paintings, interior and exterior paintings, commercial paintings, and color consultations along with discussions about the latest trends that you may want to implement. Besides our color assistance, we also make sure that our projects are completed within the due date or before them. Sometimes coloring may cause some inconvenience but our work is sure to make up for all the trouble that you take upon yourself. Colors have the ability to influence feelings, use them well so that all your walls ever get are appreciations.

Rohit Gupta

Our new school really looks bright and has been beautifully colored according to our needs

Ramesh Saha
Pradhan Nagar

After 10 years we finally approved on changing the colors of the walls and Najrana have made them look so new and fresh. Thank you

Samir Das

Though re location during the process was difficult, the Finishing was totally worth it.

Shayam paul

I believe their color brains and could let them paint my entire house according to their knowledge, truly some color experts.

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