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  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
  • Najrana Colours
Welcome to Najrana Colours

Najrana is the genuine solution to decorating your spaces and rooms with the right colors and in the right order that creates nothing less than a magic. Our color schemes are all chosen by our experts who have been constantly researching about the correct use of colors for a better impact. We are not limited to use of some specific colors but have endless shades of matching colors that can be created according to your preference of base colors. Your walls would get a fresh coat for a refreshing look, which is not just soothing to the eye but its composition also makes its cleaning easy.

Add refreshment to your same old walls as it is you who have to live there and good color use is also said to give out positive vibes to the ones who see it. We are always ready with color assistance for our clients as our primary aim is to provide you with the style you need and provide paints that are made to last for a really long time. It is you who has to live between those walls, so make efforts to let it be beautiful and soothing.

Our Services

The varied list of color services and solutions that we offer to our customers.

Home Painting

Your house is an important factor which has the capability of creating a positive image of yours in the eyes of everyone that visits your home ...

Interior Painting

Najrana offers experts interior home painters who are there to put a little color in your world through excellent interior painting services ...

Exterior Painting

Good exterior home painters with quality paints can protect the outside of your home for a long time. Najrana offers numerous exterior ...

Commercial Painting

Refurbishing your office, warehouse or office building should always be done through expert commercial painting experts ...

Residential Painting

When you hire our professionals for your Residential painting, our team of painters works hard to improve the beauty ...

Colour Consulting

We also provide our customers with color consultation with our experts who would work together with the customers to create ...

Apartment Painting

Najrana is one of the finest service providers of Apartment painting work. Our skillful professionals are well-versed in ...

Wall Putty

Najrana has set a benchmark in offering Wall putty services to the esteemed clients. We provide ingenious professionals ...

False Ceiling

Ceilings are one of the important elements of the Interior spacing that adds to the beauty of the designed space ...

Latest Trends

The color is a very important part of the transformation of your house but it must also be according to the latest trends ...

Why Choose Us

We believe in you and our only aim is to make your dream space a reality


Our vision is based on your imagination and your idea of an ideal home or commercial space. As it is our customers, who have to make use of the space, it must be according to their wish and choice of colors. Instead of imposing our colors, we play with some beautiful color shades and combinations which revolve around your primary choices. Colors are the beautiful gift of God and the use of these gifts is a science that must be thoroughly understood before implication. Our vision is backed by the science of modern color shades which makes us possible to come up with some beautiful color combinations that are beautiful beyond words. Our clients have trusted us with the vision that we have projected to them as our past works which are the living examples of our expertise and beautiful sense of colors. We have been successfully delivering to a range of customers with varied choices.

Colors Savvy

Being in the business for over many years, we have developed an expertise in colors and their beautiful combinations. Let us fill your world with unique but beautiful colors which is sure to impress anyone who looks at them. Your walls are judged; so let them be anything but perfect and a beautiful piece of art that is pleasing to watch. The Main base colors are VIBGYOR which are the main colors that constitute a rainbow but there are more to colors that is not known to all. Our color experts are constantly upgrading our color database with more varied and unique shades that have not been tried much and project a beautiful space that are uniquely special. Being unique is a feeling which feels good and your satisfaction is the driving force that makes us enthusiastic to try something new everytime. When you have trusted us with your walls their reputation shall always be held high.

Punctual Service

We know that our customers face problems while we color their homes or commercial spaces. Though we try to finish our work as quickly as possible, we also assure that we do not compromise with the quality of services that you have hired us for. We do our best to complete the work within the time framework provided to us. Providing efficient services is of no use if we keep our customers waiting for the service to be completed even after the due date. Punctuality is very important aspect of Najrana and we are here to provide an overall happiness which is combined of the quality of our work mixed with the timing of the delivery as even a small component such as correct timing is of huge importance to us because it is these small components that adds up to our complete reputation. We offer our services which are of a very high quality and of utmost punctuality.

Our Latest Work

Explore some of our latest works that has been appreciated by our clients.

Rohit Gupta

Our new school really looks bright and has been beautifully colored according to our needs

Ramesh Saha
Pradhan Nagar

After 10 years we finally approved on changing the colors of the walls and Najrana have made them look so new and fresh. Thank you

Samir Das

Though re location during the process was difficult, the Finishing was totally worth it.

Shayam paul

I believe their color brains and could let them paint my entire house according to their knowledge, truly some color experts.

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